PSG suspend Messi for two weeks for skipping training in Saudi Arabia

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Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi has been banned from playing for two weeks by Paris Saint-Germain. In the game that will meet Troyes and Ajaccio plus being fined for wages after travel Saudi Arabia without permission

French Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain have banned Argentinian Lionel Messi for two weeks and fined his wages. After the 35-year-old star player disobeyed travel orders Saudi Arabia without permission. The penalty will take effect immediately and the person will not be able to enter the UFABET club’s premises during the suspension period.

PSG suspend Messi for two weeks for skipping training in Saudi Arabia

Forward owner of the last world championship title Enter into a multi-million pound deal. Saudi Arabia want to host the 2030 World Cup to promote tourism in the country. Causing to fly to promote the land of oil millionaires. Which according to the report, indicates. This experienced footballer Asked for permission from the agency last Sunday night. Having postponed two previous trips due to the team’s setbacks. 

But after PSG lost 1-3 at home to Lorient on Sunday April 30, the team’s coach Christophe Galtier canceled the holidays on Monday, Tuesday. and let the team continue practicing immediately as a punishment for poor performance therefore not allowed Argentina National Team Captain Able to travel to Saudi Arabia But referred to disobeying the order. He was immediately banned for two matches. In the game against  Troyes and Ajaccio.

Messi ‘s future with the famous team in the French capital after the end of the 2022-2023 season is still uncertain. He joined the club in the summer of 2021 with a two-year contract worth 30 million euros per year or approximately 1,124 million baht. Also includes the option to extend to a third year. If both parties can agree on a new contract

But it is not clear whether PSG will use this condition or not. due to the increasing age of this offensive line And the team wants to reduce expenses, especially the wages of famous stars. which if there is no renewal of the contract The media are speculating that Messi may return to his old club Barcelona once again. or is a team in Major League Soccer USA, including a club in the Pro League Saudi Arabia like Cristiano Ronaldo moves to Al-Nasser