Right-hand man Moyes delighted with new Hammers after West Ham start in luxury Europa League

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West Ham United assistant manager Billy McKinley has praised the new signing. After the Hammers made a spectacular start to the European season with a 3-0 win over Vyborg.

Gianluca Skamacca has been praised by the assistant manager and has been backed to score many more goals. After opening the opening goal for West Ham United. The Hammers started their European game with a 3-1 victory overDanish club Vyborg.

Right-hand man Moyes delighted with new Hammers after West Ham start in luxury Europa League

  Football match, Europa Conference League play-off, first leg last night (Thursday 18 August 2022) interesting pair West Ham United from the English Premier League open the London Stadium to receive Visit of Viborg, the Danish team in which this game is ska maka Italian striker It was a big signing this summer for David Moyes, which gave West Ham a 1-0 lead as Maxwell Cornet opened the ball from the left to give him a header. Tung net before the end of the first half with this score

  In the second half in the 64th minute West Ham escaped 2-0 from the moment Jarrod Bowen brought the ball up to decisively smash into it. Then in the 69th minute, Vyborg came to a 1-2 from Jacob Bond Jensen ‘s header, but in the 78th minute the Hammers escaped 3-1 from the moment Said Benrah came to open the ball. Mikel Antonio fired in, with neither side doing more for the rest of the game as West Ham United ‘s 3-1 win over Vyborg gained an advantage before playing in Vyborg’s second leg at home. next

 Manager David Moyes has been banned from the sidelines, while two team-mates Declan Rice and Aaron Creswell are also suspended from last season. All of them sat watching the game from the stands while assistant Billy McKinley took over on the sidelines. “I could feel the heat on the back of my neck,” McKinley smiled. “He was a successful manager and influenced the UFABET team. And we want him to lead the army. So it was strange to have him look at it from a distance.”

 The Hammers are now a mix of new signings, veterans and youngsters. which McKinley added that “I think the performance was a bit disappointing, a bit sluggish and lacking in inspiration. There are good and bad.” “Maybe Gianluca will be very happy and I am equally happy. So getting started quickly is a big deal. And there’s a lot to come from him . We worked hard with Vyborg and didn’t think this was going to be an easy task. So Mikel’s door relaxes us. I think it’s a good result. And we will go into the second leg with confidence.”

          Vyborg’s head coach , Jacob Fris , said: “We are quite satisfied with this game. We feel that we can play equally. It was a huge performance for us. And we are disappointed to lose. But we’re not dead and buried. Perhaps this hole has already been dug. but we are not in it yet.”