‘Sing’ hopes to win the goal. ‘Swan’ submits to buy ‘Lavia’ at a price of 48 million pounds.

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Liverpool can not wait because Chelsea has submitted an offer to Southampton at a figure of 48 million pounds to ask to buy the young midfielder Romeo Lavia. Waiting only for Saints to accept or not.

Liverpool , the English Premier League club, may have to fail in the acquisition of midfielder Romeo Lavia is the main target to join the army. Because at this time, Chelsea’s league rivals. Hope to cut ahead with an offer of 48 million pounds, or about 2,136 million baht. Including add-ons. Southampton The agency of the player is completed. Waiting for an answer from the Saint of the South

'Sing' hopes to win the goal. 'Swan' submits to buy 'Lavia' at a price of 48 million pounds.

The Blues are looking for a new midfielder. came to strengthen as well. But Moises Caisedo, who they locked in the target Still unable to agree on a fee with Brighton and Hove Albion despite submitting a purchase several times. The last time it was worth up to 80 million pounds, or about 3,527 million baht. But the seagull estimated the player’s value at 100 million pounds, or about 4,409 million baht. So he still didn’t agree.

As a result, they have turned their attention to the 19-year-old. The Reds have made three bids before. but still not successful. The last time was 46 million pounds or about 2,054 million baht, so the chance that the Lions Navy Blue. There will be more fulfillment Because it is close to the figure of 50 million pounds, or about 2,233 million baht as The Saint originally set.

for Lavia did not play for Southampton has come two games. Starting with the start of the new season in the elite league. By beating Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 on Friday. with a ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com name as a backup But not sent to the field. While the first round League Cup game that went to Gillingham 1-3. On Tuesday was not named both the starting lineup and substitutes because the Saints did not want to risk injury.

However, the reason why Liverpool refuse to spend an additional 4 million pounds, or about 178 million baht, will be equal to Southampton want it because they see £46m as a high enough number for this young player Trying to negotiate for the deal to be done. But from Chelsea’s submission of 48 million pounds, they had to decide. will add more money to fight or cancel this deal