Staring already! FA accuses Klopp of speaking out against Paulo

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The FA has charged Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp for his criticism of Paul Tierney’s black shirt following a thrilling win over Tottenham Hotspur. expected to be severely punished both flat and fine because it had been attacked by a good organization.

The English Football Association ( FA) has charged Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp with misconduct. In case of giving an interview to criticize referee Paul Tierney. After the UFABET Premier League game, the Reds opened the nest, narrowly defeated Tottenham Hotspur 4-3 on Sunday. expected by the media May be banned for many matches due to having previously received a penalty

Staring already! FA accuses Klopp of speaking out against Paulo

The German boss has revealed that Tierney spoke badly of him. Which later revealed that Threatened to give a red card when he ran to cheer on the fourth referee. Despite not doing anything wrong to that level Ready to question if this black shirt has any prejudice against them or not. However, the English Professional Football Referee Committee or PGMOL confirmed that from examining the audio tape recorded. This person did not speak anything that was not. good 

The referee’s statement said: ” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has been charged following the Premier League game against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, April 30. The manager’s comments about the referee during a post-match media interview are considered inappropriate behavior. by implying bias and/or question the integrity of the referee. and/or personally/offensive and/or bring about a bad reputation 

Klopp has until Friday May 5 to defend his allegations, when he is expected to accept the charge . After revealing earlier that Many events that occur cause him to be punished. Because the referee thinks I doubt their honesty. Which must wait and see What punishment will they come back with?

Previously, the Deutsche Trainer Used to be banned for one game early in the season for yelling at a lineman until receiving a red card when Mohamed Salah was clearly pulled down by Bernardo Silva. But did not have a foul in the game when Liverpool opened Anfield. Beating Manchester City 1-0 and was fined 30,000 pounds, or about 1 million 3 hundred thousand baht