The latest Yellow Tiger closes the door for Ronaldo joins the army

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Bild has stated that Borussia Dortmund do not want to bring. In Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play in the Champions League for the same reason as other teams namely high wages. And that’s very old.

Build the city of beer Manchester United forward. Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly keen to join Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. German Liga but with the problem of wages that are too high Plus. Being very old makes the Yellow Tigers the latest team to refuse to sign a contract. The forward has a lot of experience.

The latest Yellow Tiger closes the door for Ronaldo joins the army

Until this time , George Mendes agent of the Portuguese national team captain. Trying to negotiate with many teams to find a solution for the Foi Thong players. He want to find a new club that has the right to play in the UEFA Champions League. But there is still no team that is ready to embrace Ronaldo to join the army. Causing the percentage to be in the Old Traf The next Ford is highly probable.

Most recently , Bild reported that Mendes had offered the 37-year-old striker to the Blues, but received the same answer as other teams: wages were too high, which was the main reason, along with his age. It became the latest club to reject a bid, following in the footsteps of Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Napoli, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Sporting Lisbon.

The Independent previously reported Sporting had offered a solution, with their director Hugo Viana trying to persuade Ronaldo to return . Come join the team in your hometown. But had to cancel the remaining 1-year contract with the Red Devils first so that they could be drawn to the UFABET team without a fee.

There are only two weeks left. The transfer market will also close. It is estimated that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has no choice. In addition to playing in the Europa League , the European Cup for the first time in his career Unless there is something unexpected, such as reducing their own wages until the team can buy or United agree to cancel the contract.