be careful! Incense smoke – burning paper Risk of causing cancer in the respiratory system

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Avoid touching incense smoke and burning paper during Chinese New Year. Risk of affecting the respiratory system, carcinogenic substances

be careful! Incense smoke - burning paper Risk of causing cancer in the respiratory system

Dr. Wachira Pengchan, Director-General of the Department of Health, said that during the Chinese New Year festival where Thai-Chinese people perform ceremonies to worship the gods and show respect to ancestors who have passed away by Light incense sticks and burn silver and gold paper. Including various artefacts Made from wood or bamboo scraps, such as paper cars, iPhones, iPads, ทางเข้า ufabet jewelry. clothing

But burning incense sticks and burning silver and gold paper Those will cause smoke that contains various pollutants such as air toxins. greenhouse gases and carcinogenic substances, including 4 heavy metal substances, namely chromium, nickel, lead and manganese, found in incense ashes and ashes of silver and gold paper. This will affect both health and the environment. The severity of the illness will vary. Depends on the amount and duration of exposure. Especially people in at-risk groups, including young children, pregnant women, and the elderly. People with asthma, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

People should avoid exposure to incense smoke and smoke from burning silver paper and gold paper and avoid resting. Or sleep in a room or area that is not easily ventilated, such as an air-conditioned room or room without windows and doors. Choose an area that is above the wind direction and away from chemicals or flammable objects.

Additionally, you should wear a dust mask or use a damp cloth. Close your mouth, close your nose. Or it is recommended to use short incense sticks to create short-term smoke. As for the burning of silver paper and gold paper It should be burned little by little. and burned in a container with a lid At the end of the worship ceremony, the fire should be extinguished with water/sand. Immediately and after exposure to incense smoke and gold paper, you should wash your hands, face, and eyes more often. for shrine Incense burners or containers for burning silver and gold paper should be placed outside the building. When the ceremony is over, the fire must be quickly extinguished to prevent the spread of toxic smoke and vapors.

In addition, choosing to buy incense sticks, silver paper, gold paper. You should choose products with labels. and display complete messages, especially in Thai, such as instructions for use, storage, and safety warnings. Name and address of manufacturer and importer The container is in good condition. There are no tears. And you should buy only as much as necessary to reduce the amount of pollution from incineration.