Shingles, a skin disease that can be treated With local Thai herbs

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Diseases that can occur anywhere, at any time, no matter what season it is. We know it well as ” Shingles. Although it is not a disease that is widely talked about in our country. But it is something that makes us take care of our health and strength in order to prevent such diseases.

Shingles or its English name is Herpes Zoster. It is considered a type of skin disease. *It is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox Varicella Zoster Virus or VZV.

Shingles, a skin disease that can be treated With local Thai herbs

When having chicken pox, the virus hides in various nerve ganglia of the body when the body is in a weak state. Lower immunity Stress occurs Sleeping at irregular times, lacking sleep, infected with HIV. or cancer This virus will multiply, resulting in blisters that become shingles.

Most patients with this disease are found in Thailand. Mostly found in adults and the elderly. It usually occurs on the skin of the body. Looks like a rash or longitudinal papilla But usually it grows in the lumbar area. or ribcage In some people, it may occur on the ทางเข้า ufabet face, arms, or legs. It has one similar characteristic: it will occur only on one side of the body.

What causes shingles?

Shingles is caused by a viral infection called Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV). The same virus that causes chickenpox The difference is that chickenpox can happen to anyone. But shingles only occurs in patients who have had chickenpox before. When such germs enter the body and cause chicken pox, Such germs will take refuge in the nerve ganglia. It can cause shingles later. The group of shingles patients found is usually the elderly. Including people with immune system problems or those using certain types of drug treatment, such as steroids, as well as those undergoing cancer treatment with radiology. or chemotherapy Because these people will have weaker immune systems than normal people. Therefore causing more risk than the general public.

Symptoms of shingles

Shingles is not serious and usually clears up on its own. In some patients, after the wound has healed, there may be nerve pain for a long time. Or there may be complications.

As for some patients who had shingles and died. This may be due to the fact that the patient’s body is in a weak state and lacks a strong immune system. The stages of shingles can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Initial stage :  The patient will have pain and burning sensation in the skin without being able to find the cause.       
  • Phase 2 :  After 2 – 3 days, the patient will begin to develop a red rash on the skin. Then it will turn into a clear water blister. arranged in groups It runs along a group of nerves in the body, such as along the arms, legs, back, or around the waist.
  • Phase 3 :  After the wound has scabbed, dried, and healed, most patients still have pain and burning along the lines of the wound. In some patients, it may take a long time to recover. It all depends on the strength of each person’s immunity.

Shingles is easily transmitted by contact. The contagious stage is a rash, clear blisters and a scab. For those who have never had chicken pox before If you come into contact with a patient who has shingles, that person will get chickenpox first.

Treatment for shingles

For patients older than 50 years who have shingles symptoms on the face. or have severe pain Your doctor will prescribe oral antiviral medication within 2 – 3 days after symptoms appear. To reduce severity and help heal faster. It also helps reduce burning pain. You can also feel pain afterwards.

For patients with low immunity, such as patients infected with HIV, AIDS, or diseases that can spread throughout the body.

For patients with shingles symptoms Treatment should be carried out with an ophthalmologist. Oral antiviral medication and eye drops will be given to prevent eye complications.

The medicines your doctor normally prescribes to treat symptoms of shingles will not kill the virus. But it can only reduce inflammation. The virus will return to be embedded in the nerve ganglia as before. If the body is in a weakened state, it can come back. The expected period of treatment results will be only 3 days.

In the area that hurt, there were also blisters in the same area. Patients must rush to the hospital as quickly as possible. *The sooner it is detected, the better. In addition, the painful symptoms after the disease will be more difficult to occur.

Treat shingles with “Sladepangpon”

In addition to taking care of shingles yourself Including traveling to see a doctor to check and relieve symptoms. 

The method is simple. Just take 15 – 30 fresh leaves of Saledpangpon, pound them to a pulp, then mix them with 28 degrees of Rong liquor. Use as a mask on the shingles blisters all over 2 – 3 times a day in a row regularly. Next, use about 15 -20 fresh leaves of Saledpangpon as well, pound them and mix them with about half a teacup of rice washing water. Drink regularly 2 times a day before meals to detoxify.

Or take 10 – 15 fresh leaves, wash them thoroughly, put them in a mortar and pound the medicine thoroughly. Then scoop into a clean container and add white liquor. or enough alcohol to cover Close the lid completely. Leave it for 1 week, stirring the medicine every day.

When the specified time has elapsed, filter out the residue and store the water in a clean container. How to use: Apply the solution to the area that is painful and swollen. Or use the residue to apply to the blisters where shingles occurs. To use as a topical medicine to treat shingles, apply it to the affected area 4 – 5 times a day.

Complications of shingles

If the patient has not picked, scratched, or taken care of the rash incorrectly Bacterial infection may occur. Makes wounds heal slowly and may cause additional wounds to spread

In cases with shingles in the eye May cause inflammation of the cornea. including glaucoma optic nerve inflammation that can affect vision

*In some patients with low immunity Shingles may spread into the bloodstream. or enter gold which may cause death.

In shingles patients who are pregnant women The virus may be able to spread to the baby. It causes abnormalities such as scars on the body, atrophied arms and legs, a small head, and brain problems.

As for how to prevent shingles from occurring, it can be done easily. By getting enough rest Take care of your health and be strong. Always exercise regularly. Avoid touching the rash in patients with shingles. Especially those who have never had chicken pox before. In some cases, vaccination may be used to prevent it.

Self-care for shingles

In the stage of clear water blisters Treat the wound well. Use a clean cloth moistened with warm saline or 3% boric acid. Cover the compress for about 5 – 10 minutes, then replace it with a new one. Do this 3 – 4 times a day.

In the period when the water blister breaks. There is lymph flowing. You must be careful of infection from bacteria that may enter the wound. The wound should be washed with clean saline. Then close the wound with gauze.

If there is a lot of pain in the wound You can take painkillers.

Patients should not use their fingernails. or scratching the shingles blister Because it may cause complications from bacterial infection that may cause pustules. Wounds heal slowly and may become scarred.

Can eat everything There are no special prohibitions.

The patient should not blow or spray medicine onto the wound Because it can cause bacterial infection, slow wound healing, and eventually scars.

15 Thai herbs used to treat shingles

Seledpangpon is not the only herb that can help relieve and treat shingles. But there are also other types of herbs. There are many more that help relieve symptoms very well. Today we have 20 herbs to treat shingles for you. Let’s see which herbs can cure this disease.

Compact, use the leaves as an antidote for shingles venom. Which according to the information does not specify how to use it.

The tree-climbing chipmunk uses rhizomes to be applied to cure shingles.

There is information indicating that this herb can be used to treat shingles. But the part used was not specified.

Fishbone roots have properties as a detoxifier. You can use the cap to cure shingles.

Eliminate the mountain according to the information stated. In addition to using the seeds to kill the mountain as a cure for chicken pox, you can also use it. It can also be used to treat herpes and shingles.

The in-law died. Use a part of the dead in-law’s leaves to crush. or mixed with white liquor Or alcohol or lemon juice as an ointment to treat shingles.

Chakknarai: The method of use is to pound the leaves with brown sugar to make them come together into lumps. and does not fall off easily Then apply the mask over the wound and leave it for about 30 minutes, or you can squeeze the leaves and get only the fresh juice. Or you can use it to pound and apply.

Thai Chum Mushroom : Use fresh roots, grind them and mix them with lemon juice to treat shingles.

The whole plant is used as an external medicine to treat shingles.

Gourd: Take about 2 handfuls of fresh leaves, rinse with clean water, then mix with 1/4 part borneol or chalk. Use as a poultice on areas affected by shingles.

Homemade candles are made from fresh plants, pounded and squeezed to drink only as medicine. As for the remaining waste, take it from the area where the shingles are.

Custard apple , dried fruit, has medicinal properties as a cure for shingles. According to the information, there is no indication of how to use it.

Nang Yaem brought the roots to rain with clear lime water. Used as an ointment to treat shingles.

Gourd: Use fresh gourd leaves. Pounded and mixed with white liquor. Or pound and squeeze out only the water. Or use fresh leaves mixed with dry cow dung or fresh cow dung, then pound them together until you get a Mixed with 40 degrees of white liquor. If you look at the information, you may understand that cow dung contains ammonia. 

Therefore it cools and helps neutralize inflammation better than other medicines. As for gourd leaves, they are used as an antidote to heat, extinguish poison, cure bruises, swelling, blisters, cure skin diseases, rashes, treat blisters on the skin on the body, cure herpes, and are also good for treating shingles.

Little Lion’s Milk Yes, the stem is used to make a medicine to cure shingles that grows around the waist. Use about 1 handful of fresh stems and 1 head of garlic, pounded thoroughly. Then mix with cooled boiled water. Apply to areas with shingles blisters.

This is also a good knowledge story about shingles that Sanook Health has brought to you. Hopefully it will help as another immunity booster that makes us take care of our own health more. Do your best to follow the instructions. Exercise regularly Get enough rest. Now shingles won’t bother us anymore.